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Espinoza Paz Pro LetrasV4.2.8

Espinoza Paz Pro Letras
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  • 版本:V4.2.8
  • 平台:苹果,安卓
  • 类型:日常办公
  • 发布:2020/06/06
  • 语言:中文
  • 大小:45.02MBMB
标签: Espinoza Paz Pro Letras
Espinoza Paz Pro Letras官方介绍We dedicated this app for all of you who love Isidro Chávez Espinoza , better known as Espinoza Paz, is a Latin Grammy Award-nominated Mexican musician and composer of Mexican Regional music. Our application was designed in several sections and includes: watch many videos in two sections including his YouTube channel (Te la pasas -part.Tito Torbellino, Si Ma?ana No Me Ves, Un Hombre Normal, Te veias mejor conmigo, El Próximo Viernes, Te Pudiera Decir -part. Gerardo Ortiz), all lyrics for the songs can be found here in Letras sections, you can check all posts from Facebook and Twitter in real time and also listen songs in Musica section.Download this app now, when is still free!手机Espinoza Paz Pro Letras app截图





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