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Wa Kingyo LEV2.2.7

Wa Kingyo LE
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  • 版本:V2.2.7
  • 平台:苹果,安卓
  • 类型:苹果游戏
  • 发布:2020/02/23
  • 语言:中文
  • 大小:54.66MBMB
标签: Wa Kingyo LE
Goldfishes drawn on ...Wa Kingyo LE 官方介绍Goldfishes drawn on the Japanese style of painting swim elegantly. You will be surprised at their cute movement and the clear water. Please scatter the flower-shaped bait. And enjoy a relaxing time. ************************************************** This is the Free Version. The Full Version have more elegant background images, goldfishes and options. Please check the Full Version "Wa Kingyo". 50% off sale now.************************************************** Dec 2009 - No.1 Top Free Entertainment APP in Japan. The number of download over 400,000 in the world. Thank you very much! ----------------------------------------------Video on YouTube (Full Version) http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gru8myVzQA(Please search with these words "Wa Kingyo" on YouTube.) ACTions - touching the goldfish - scattering bait that looks like flowers and leaves (please tap the lower right-hand corner to begin) - getting rid of the bait by tilting the iphone - touching the water to make it ripple - making waves by shaking the iPhone Customize - Background (4 images) - Sound volumeIn the Full Version ****************************** - More backgrounds ( 7 images) - More baits ( 2 types)- More goldfishes ( 2 colors) - More options. (Size and Number) - Sleep timer. (5-60 min) ************************************************** Theme "Wa" has several means "Peace", "Relaxation" and "Japan". And "Kingyo" means "Goldfish". The theme of this application is beauty and prettiness of the Japanese traditional classic art. The goldfish and background images are drawn like a Japanese traditional painting and industrial art object. The bait has a shape of the familiar flower and leaf (cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, camellia, myosotis, maple) for Japanese. Please feel Japanese mind. News 手机Wa Kingyo LE app截图





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