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In PositionV2.1.3

In Position
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  • 版本:V2.1.3
  • 平台:苹果,安卓
  • 类型:生活应用
  • 发布:2020/02/22
  • 语言:中文
  • 大小:92.48MBMB
标签: In Position
In Position官方介绍Work verification made easy for partners of Divisions Maintenance Group.Using your location settings, the app serves up the PO Numbers that are available to you and allows you to check in and out easily.App Features: ? Simple check in / check out when servicing on site [replacing the need to IVR from a telephone] ? GPS location recognition ? Available PO Numbers sortable by due date or by customer ? Details of site-specific service requirements provided ? Ability to capture photographs of the work before and after completion ? Ability to add technician notes to the service record ? Easy access to Divisions customer service line手机In Position app截图





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